Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes have become increasingly popular in recent years.  From Zumba to Yoga to Cross Fit, there are many different types of classes that cater to all different interests and ability levels.  My personal favorite class is Les Mills Body Pump.  Each class has it's own specific benefits, but all group fitness classes have certain benefits that can supplement the training of even the fittest athletes.

1. Motivation
Having an instructor to push you and peers all working toward the same goal works wonders motivating people.  "Alone we're weak.  Together we're strong."

2. Specific time
Scheduling a set, specific time to work out makes people more likely to stick to their plan.  When class starts at a certain time you are less likely to keep putting it off, until eventually you just don't go.

3. Fun/Friends
Enroll in a class with a friend or go alone and make new friends!  Staying active is much more enjoyable in a fun & friendly environment.

4. One more set!
Working out alone, especially weight training, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to do one more set when you begin to fatigue.  When you have a choreographed routine and a motivating instructor, you are more likely to push yourself, which will consequently yield greater results.

5. Learn something new
Trained instructors have more than just motivation to offer.  They can offer many tips and tricks to creating a better and safer work out.  I'm always learning new things from my group fitness instructors.

6. Safety
Instructors are trained in the proper form to execute each move safely.  Classes also help ensure that you get a proper warm up and cool down.  Group fitness classes can help reduce injuries, especially in less experienced participants.

7. Accountability
Signing up for a group fitness class makes you more accountable to show up and stick with it, especially when you pay for it up front.  You are also more accountable to your peers and instructor to always give your best.

8. Good place to start
Group fitness classes are especially beneficial to beginners.  People new to working out may not know where to begin or how to execute specific moves safely.  This gives them the opportunity to follow a specific routine and learn to execute it safely.

9. Save Money
Group fitness classes are generally much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer.

10. Fresh
If you get bored of always doing the same work out (ex. running, lifting, etc.), then classes are a great way to get out of your regular routine.  Most classes change up their routine periodically, so joining a class won't mean that you are stuck doing the exact same work out each time.

Check back tomorrow for my follow-up blog post outlining some of the most popular group fitness classes available.

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