Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Fitness Classes and Programs Are Right For You?

In my previous post I discussed the benefits of attending a group workout class or program.  Whether you're looking for something to attend every day or a class to supplement your regular workout routine 2 or 3 times a week, group fitness can have a very positive impact.  The following are some of the most popular fitness programs & classes available all over the US.

This class utilizes a series of poses to improve flexibility, strength, power and balance.  It offers many health benefits and is quickly becoming one of the most popular workout regimens for celebrities, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.  Many different styles of yoga are available worldwide, each offering it's own benefits.  Some of the most popular styles are anusara, ashtanga, bikram, hatha, hot yoga, iyengar, power yoga, restorative yoga, and vinyasa.
Benefits: stress management, relaxation, weight loss, flexibility, bone strength, balance, and fights heart disease/diabetes/depression/back pain.

Les Mills Body Pump
Strength training that tones your muscles without adding bulk.  This class targets one large muscle group at a time, with weight lifting to upbeat popular music.  The combination of slow reps and fast, single reps help to tone and create lean muscle.  Les Mills also offers the following classes: Body Attack, Body Balance, Body Combat, Body Jam, Body Step, Body Vive, RPM, Sh'bam, and Cxworx.
Benefits: weight loss, toning, bone health, strength, fat & calorie burning.

"Ditch the workout - Join the party!" A dance fitness class that creates a fun & effective environment.  Fast paced Latin-inspired dancing to upbeat, infectious, pop music.  The choreography isn't complex, which makes this class friendly to people of all abilities.
Benefits: calorie burn, toning, stress release, weight loss, balance, bone density, and lowers blood pressure.

Kick Boxing
A high intensity, full body workout that blends boxing and karate drills.  It is becoming increasingly popular and is offered in a variety of different styles and classes.
Benefits: balance, coordination, strength, cardio endurance, increase focus, learn some self defense, and weight loss.

Pedaling on a stationary bike to upbeat music.  Fast sprints & slow climbs.  Adjust resistance to stay on the rhythm.
Benefits: burn calories, build muscle, increase cardio endurance, low impact (little pressure on joints), and injury preventing.

Boot Camp
There are many varying styles, but generally it's a full body workout that incorporates cardio exercises, muscle conditioning, and other challenging drills.
Benefits: aerobic & muscle toning together, calorie burning, weight loss, boosts confidence, improves overall fitness.

Cross Fit
An increasingly popular strength and conditioning program.  Classes follow a workout of the day (WOD) and performance is often scored to encourage competition and track progress.  Each summer the Cross Fit Games take place to determine the "fittest on Earth".  This non-specialized class focuses on broad/general fitness. 
Benefits: strength, flexibility, cardio endurance, track progress, friendly competition, and confidence.

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping
A mix of cardio exercises and strength training, supplemented with motivating instructors.  Martial arts training for regular people.  They also help you with a nutrition plan and add a little extra motivation with a cash prize competition.
Benefits: toning & strengthening, weight loss, improves fitness, and increases cardio endurance.

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